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Our team consists of data scientists, linguists, data engineers, data analysts, and data visualizers with deep experience in various industries. Our vision is to bring together simple, yet powerful data analytics solutions to help small and medium size businesses better understand customer needs and grow faster.


We primarily design, develop, and deploy customized technology and business management platforms for small and medium size firms as well as research organizations, allowing them to strategize their marketing and new product development process and target new areas of growth. Our highly interactive and intelligent business management dashboard allows our business users to visualize and analyze various business activities, by mapping sales & marketing data, business to business (B2B) social media content, and competitive landscape, which form the basis of our diverse business intelligence services.


Ridwan Arizar

Ridwan started his career in the Petrochemistry (BP) but soon found out his interest lies in quantitative finance. He has since then held senior roles with ING, IKB Deutsche Industriebank and Sean Options, a market maker. After the 2008 credit crisis he decided commodities were a safe haven and started to work for several Energy companies including oil major Shell amongst them. After that he started his own consultancy CForsa and has since then advised banks (ING), asset managers (Aegon) and large commodity producers (ArcelorMittal, Bayerngas GmBH). His interest lies in improving supply chains using ML and AI plus the latest technologies (IoT & Blockchain).

Ridwan holds a PhD in Physics from Technical University Delft (TUDelft) and a MSc in Aerospace Engineering as well from TUDelft.

Konrad Banachewicz

Konrad has more than a decade of experience in quantitative finance and banking: He has worked in senior roles for Royal Bank of Scotland, ING and All Options, a market maker. After the 2008 credit crisis he decided that the scope of finance is to narrow for his skills and started to apply his knowledge to broader data science. Since then he has advised, via his own consultancy, major energy companies, NS (Dutch National Railroad companies) and marketer eBay on areas of ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is in his free time a fanatic Kaggler: A global competition platform for Data scientist.

Konrad holds a PhD in Statistics from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, as well as a dual MSc in Applied Mathematics (from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Warsaw University).

Stanley Wijaya

Stanley is a true hands-on software developer and data engineer that knows the tricks in and out of dealing with BIG Data in the broadest sense. He’s the person that you turn to when things go wrong with systems and databases. Stanley has worked for Major B2C and B2B Marketers but as well with institutions that monitors companies creditworthiness along the business supply chain (Dun & Bradstreet). He has experience on setting up, maintaining and improving IT-infrastructures of large organisations. His interest lies in developing smart products and apps in the Transportation and the Business management sector

Stanley hold a BSc (major) in Informatics and (minor) in Business Economics both from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Arie Twigt

Big Data Developer: who builds all kinds of stuff from Cognitive Search Engines in Elasticsearch to Fraud Detection Models in R. The person to go that brings the idea from your head to minimal viable product. Arie is in heart and soul a Data Science & Analytics developer. While being part of Singulair Solutions he also holds a role as Big Data Architect with Sogeti Nederland. He has advised banks (Rabobank, BNP Paribas), asset managers (Aegon) and government institutions on the areas of Big Data, underlying technology and necessary infrastructure. His interest lies on the Analytics-part in Business Intelligence & Analytics by giving and developing courses and tutorials. Next to that he is continuously experimenting with data- related topics like: Predictive modelling, Developing dashboards, Developing visualisations and always on the search to apply new technologies like Blockchain and IoT.

Arie holds an MBA in information and knowledge management from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and a BSc in marketing and Sales from The Hague University of Applied Sciences.


Predictive Analytics and Opinion Mining

Optimize web content and analyze customer demographics, increase conversion rates and effectiveness of online sales, and enhance brand awareness.

Data Mining and Visualization

New product development, forming new marketing campaign, and customer segmentation.

Business Management Tools

Providing Customized Technology and Business Management Tools, functioning on high performance, interactive Singulair Solutions platform.

Social Media Analytics

Monitor competing brands on social media and review web content that compare businesses.





8. March 2018.

Singulair Solutions will present in collaboration with the platform Big Data Rotterdam a on workshop "Text Analytics for SME's".

1. March 2016.

Singulair Solutions is a proud partner within a newly funded European project, "POROUS4APP" which brings in high added value materials at lower cost for various applications.

Working with Singulair Solutions

We provide data analytics and web marketing solutions to small and medium size enterprises.

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